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  • 020. The band sawing machine CNC numerical control curve
    Name:020. The band sawing machine
    Features:Diameter and width:800*40mm
    Turning radius:60mm Width:13-15mm
    Length:5200mm Rotation Angle:-90°~+90°
    Major cutting ability:2000*1250*150(mm)
  • Bilateral milling CNC numerical control
    Name:Bilateral milling CNC numerical
    Features:Advanced numerical control system
    Safe operation, convenient and easy.
    All drive system and other imported
    accessories, more stable performance...
    The machine is suitable for all kinds of wood...
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Skilled / superior / pretty in shape
High precision
Machining accuracy is always support
at + / - 5 mm, support product percent of pass
Little noise
Continuously improve products, reduce noise,
the production of low noise of product
Low energy
To improve efficiency at the same time, saving
power consumption, cost savings for customers
Good quality
Nearly 10 years quality guarantee, thousands
of furniture manufacturers of common choice
High efficiency
Efficiently save artificial, is 5 times of
artificial production efficiency increase profits
High safety
The safe and stable, percent tenths of failure
rate, safeguard
Leading manufacturer of automated furniture equipment
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  Located in the forefront of China's reform and opening up - Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Dalang Town, the company through a large number of technical research and development, developed a variety of automated furniture production equipment: computer band saw, machining center, (Copy machine), automatic chair drill hole machine, automatic Back drilling drilling machine, automatic drilling drilling tapping machine, automatic porous drilling tapping machine and other efficient save artificial wood processing machinery. This makes the furniture factory to reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency......